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Kevyn Mines; Philly Native, is a Photographer/Film Maker, and Motivational Speaker. Using his love for Art, Film,  Photography, and Inspiring his Community Kevyn M is treading new grounds to reach more people and do more good. 


I'm Jealous

I'm often told that I shouldn't look on social media or what others around me are doing. I shouldn't compare my successes with those of people I see. Realistically and transparently; I still do. I've put so many constraints and boundaries on myself because I have to maintain a certain image and brand that I've created since switching careers 8 years ago. Afraid of being misjudged or mis-characterized. I've worked so hard to shed the skins of the past, and to be honest, it's dampened a light in me. Part of the spunk (no pun intended) and spark that created my brand was my ability to be authentic. Say and do what was on my heart and even impulsively on my mind. Of course it's not the "recommended" approach to life, but I for sure was living my life.

Living freely is one of the keys to happiness and success. It gives us the privilege of exploring and creating. When you take away ones freedom to do so, it's the same snatching away their tools/instruments to create. What's worse than someone taking away your freedoms, is giving it away or forfeiting it. In life we all have to make sacrifices and contingencies, but it's so important that what you receive (even if it's long term) a return on your investment.

In the past; I've failed to nurture and build on my passions and invest in myself out of fear of being mislabeled as 'selfish', when all along, it take s a small level of selfishness to properly build yourself to be any good to anyone else. Ultimately I am jealous of myself. The fearless Kevyn, the Kevyn who made decisions that would allow himself the opportunity for growth. Today, I'm committing to getting back to and giving back to that version of myself. 

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